A better to-do list sidebar for students.

300,000+ students use Tasks for Canvas every week.
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See all your assignments in one place.

All Canvas assignments are automatically collected in the sidebar. No more searching through cluttered course pages and calendars. No more forgotten deadlines.
Tasks for Canvas task cards

Close your rings.

A convenient chart tracks your progress throughout the week. Rings for each class are automatically filled in as you complete your tasks. Celebrate with confetti when you’re all finished!
When I complete a ring it shoots virtual confetti on the screen and it is very satisfying!!!

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Install the extension, then reload Canvas to get started!
2Tasks for Canvas task cards

Do the work.

Click on the task cards to view your assignments, or create your own custom tasks!
3Completed Tasks for Canvas rings


Tasks will disappear and your rings will fill in as you submit your assignments (or manually mark them complete).
“ The extension helps me so incredibly much!Student at the University of WashingtonAdd to Chrome
11/10, would rather use this than pet a puppy to manage my mental health

Student Review

It is easy to see how many assignments you have left for each class, and access to those assignments is convenient.

Student at Carnegie Mellon

I'm currently a straight A student. Not saying it's because of this extension, but it's definitely because of this extension. Very helpful and useful for seeing what I have to do each day, and the confetti is a nice touch. 10/10 :)

Student at UCSD

This extension is awesome! It gives me a great overview of all my due dates without having to click calendar every ten seconds. Also love it's circular design, it's just the right amount of information at once.

Student Review

Super great for ADHD/autism folks! Makes everything a lot easier!

Student Review

I love this extension. Visually seeing what I have left to do makes me feel so so so much better about my work load.

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A better to-do list sidebar for Canvas.
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Tasks for Canvas sidebar